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Estate (Summer) 2009


Tuscany autumn harvest culinary school

School Location:
Villa Marzochi is an exquisite 17th century villa in a verdant pastoral setting in the heart of the awe-inspiring Tuscan countryside bordering on Umbria. It is built on the remains of the ancient 10th century castle of Monterchi. Set high on a hill, the Villa, with its terrace and gardens framed by the original 10th century medieval walls, is in complete isolation from the rest of the village.

Tuscan autumn cooking classes

Cooking and Wine Classes:
We will explore the centuries old pleasures of the Tuscan Table. There will be wine classes introducing you to “Sensory Evaluation”, a lesson in wine appreciation that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Other classes that will enable us to sample the best wine Tuscany has to offer, along with “Wine Combinations and Conflicts” creating a synergistic effect with matching food and wine.

Tuscany, Italy autumn harvest schedule wine school

Our “hands on” cooking classes will allow us to learn to “paint” the creative canvasses of polenta, pasta and risotto, to explore the “cucina povera” of traditional Tuscan soups, bean dishes, bruschetta. We will delve into meat cutting, fish preparations, easily made sauces, cheeses, luscious desserts and much more until you become immersed in the culture that brings the pleasures of the Tuscan Table.


Day Trips and Expeditions:
A private bus will take us to the beauty and art center of Florence, the classic city of Sienna and the towering “Manhattan” of Tuscany: San Gimignano. We will visit two wineries of Frescobaldi and, if all goes well, we will be able to hunt truffles with a truffle dog and his handler and harvest olives. We plan to visit the market in the village and see the bountiful fall harvest of Tuscany.

Tuscan, Italy autumn trips and excursion


Saturday: Late afternoon arrival at the Villa and a pleasurable evening of relaxation with Tuscan cheese and wine and a baronial fireplace.


Sunday: 8:00 Tuscan Breakfast. 10:00 Bus leaves for tour of Florence, Sienna and San Gimignano. Lunch and dinner not included, but we will stop at memorable restaurants. Return in early evening for basic Italian language lesson at the Villa, with wine of course.


Monday: 8:00 Tuscan Breakfast. 10:00 Cooking Class begins. We make sugo, marinara and besciamella sauces that we use all week. 13:00 Break for lunch, using what we have made. 14:00 Second class of the day begins. We will make pasta, polenta and risotto. 16:00 Break. Dinner with our preparations at 18:30.


Tuesday: 8:00 Tuscan Breakfast. 10:00 Cooking Class begins. Trimming and cutting meats (beef, rabbit, chicken,), prepping different cuts for different uses.13:00 Break for lunch with food we prepared. 14:00 Lesson on buying seafood and preparation. 15:30 Wine Class: Sensory Evaluation. 19:00 Dinner at Villa.


Wednesday: 8:00 Tuscan Breakfast. 10:00 Bus leaves for Frescobaldi Winery in the Chianti region, visiting Castello Nipozzano and Castello Di Pamino. Lunch, on the road at your expense. Return in the late afternoon.The rest of the day to your leisure. Dinner on your own.


Thursday: 8:00 Tuscan Breakfast. 10:00 Cooking Class Begins. Traditional Tuscan salads, classic winter soups and contorno (vegetable dishes). 13:00 Lunch from our makings. 14:00 Wine and Cheese of Tuscany class. Dinner prepared by Chefs Lou and Robert with help from volunteer Sous Chefs.


Friday: 8:00 Tuscan Breakfast. 10:00 Cooking Class begins. Biscotti and other Tuscan Desserts. 13:00 Lunch by resident Chefs. 14:00 Antipasti Class to prepare for our grand banquette and graduation class in the evening. Certificates of completion will then be awarded.


Saturday: 6:00 Tuscan Breakfast. Departure at 8:00 for Florence airport by bus.

Included in the Program:
Deluxe accommodations with full Tuscan Breakfast
Defined meals
Cooking and Wine Classes
Wines for dinner and classes
Tours of aforementioned cities and wineries
Italian Language Class
Gala Graduation Banquet
Transportation to and from Florence airport

This program is subject to modification as greater opportunities may be available

Tuscan, Italy cooking school
Tuscany cooking school
Tuscan, Italy culinary school
Tuscany culinary school
Italian food cooking classes